Staff: Vets


Wylies has always tended to keep their staff for a long time, often several years! This is particularly true of the vets and we are very proud of this. Clients often tell us that they like to see someone they know. It is also nicer for us, and there are many clients who are more like old friends than ‘customers’!

Some of our vets are part-time, some full-time, some have certain special interests and skills, but the good news is that they all work as a team, and all have the welfare of your pet at heart.

We have specialists working here, providing orthopaedic, dermatology and physiotherapy skills, and we have Richard who is particularly interested in ultrasonography. Then there is Liz with her experience in soft tissue surgery and Matt with his knowledge of exotics. Some vets, such as Richard and Angela have additional qualifications in small animal medicine, while Morkel holds a certificate in ophthalmology and others are working towards their own post-grad qualifications.

Kathy Beasley
Angela Doyle
Lizzie Sinclair
Aideen Howard
Anna Boddy
Gean Ho
Jayne Dawkins
Alice Fordham
Stuart Drewrey
Charlie Banks
Gemma Budino
Leia Blanco
Emma Foster
Adele Fowler
Tom Marstson