Pets Travel Scheme


The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) allows cats, dogs and ferrets to enter or re-enter the UK from EU Member States and listed third countries without quarantine, providing they comply with the rules of the scheme.

This page gives a brief overview of the requirements of PETS but please visit the DEFRA website for up to date information using the following link:

Requirements of the scheme include:

  • The pet must be at least 12 weeks of age
  • The pet must be microchipped with a European ISO standard microchip prior to, or on the day of the rabies vaccination
  • The pet must receive a rabies vaccination, and then a further booster every 2-3 years according to vaccination manufacturer or local authority rules. For example, French legislation requires resident pets to be given an annual vaccination against rabies; pets are considered resident if they have spent 3 months in France. To avoid any unexpected complications, we would advise you check with DEFRA prior to travel, regarding requirement of the countries you intend to travel to or through. Failure to boost a rabies vaccination at the appropriate interval will invalidate the Pet Passport.
  • Since Jan 1st 2012, pets travelling from EU member states and listed third countries no longer require blood testing for rabies antibody titres following rabies vaccination
  • There is no longer a requirement for pets to be given treatment for ticks before they arrive in the UK, although we still strongly recommend it for the health of your pet.
  • Tapeworm (Echinococcus Multilocularis) treatment – Praziquantel must be administered by a qualified veterinary surgeon 24-120 hours (1-5 days) before you return to the UK. This should be recorded in section VII of the passport.
  • Pets may re-enter the UK 21 days after the rabies vaccination has been administered.

If you wish to travel your pets under the PETS scheme, please book an appointment with one of our Veterinary Surgeons to discuss details further. Following rabies vaccination and completion of an EU Pet Passport application form, an EU Pet Passport may be issued. The application process takes 2-4 weeks for completion, so please ensure that you start applying in good time prior to your anticipated date of travel to avoid any delays.